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NSED Academy is focused on building programs to help youth build strong educational skills, expand their vocational abilities, and provide them with positive language arts, civic engagements, and cultural activities.


Our technology programs and activities are developed using an interactive learning approach; that includes working in teams and peer-to-peer interaction. Many of the activities include hands-on learning, visits to venues designed to spark creative thought processes and a life skills component.  Our program also consists of science projects, journal writing, public speaking and self-esteem enhancement. Assessment measures will be conducted throughout the program to monitor and analyze program outcomes at the end of each session. Below is a list of activities during our programs:

  • Creative Thinking Skills

  • Language and Literacy Skills

  • Career Readiness

  • Goal Setting

  • Teamwork Skills

  • Conflict Resolution/Mediation

  • Life Skills

  • Technology Skills


On various weekends throughout the school year, NSED Academy will provide an impactful WEEKEND BOOTCAMPS of STEM learning. Students from neighboring cities and counties come together to collaborate on various STEM projects in an environment of higher learning.  Students will be given access to the same tools and skills that career professionals use daily.​


The Summer of Excellence Program is designed to build awareness and bridge the gap between Information Technology, as it pertains to career and life choices.  The Summer of Excellence Program is very interactive and turnkey. Students are given the opportunity to participate in a series of classes and/or boot camp sessions. Our areas focus:

  • Building Computer and Concepts- Setup new computers, OS Installation, and Anti-Virus

  • Design Wireless Networks- Setup Smart Rooms (Google, Amazon, etc.)

  • Design Raspberry Pi 3.0- Series of Projects around Raspberry Pi

  • Intro to Cybersecurity 101- Scanning for Vulnerabilities and Malware Detection

The interactive sessions are managed by NSED Academy staff, industry volunteers and corporate sponsors. Volunteers include technology professionals with a passion for their chosen field and former and retired educators.  The workshops and seminars are focused on healthy eating, financial literacy, proper dress, and communication.

summer of excellence.png

In 2012, NSED Academy partnered with Virginia State University’s Reginald F. Lewis College of Business to form the Collegiate Power Program (CP2). The CP2 was designed to provide internship/mentorship opportunities to prospective students in the College of Business during their junior or senior year. The program not only focuses on Information Technology but Accounting/Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and engineering. The program provides students a realistic view of the world they will enter upon graduation, including socio-economic factors and the importance of budgeting. The Collegiate Power Program is compensation-based, determined by each student’s level of participation and assignment completion. In the summer of 2018 NSED Academy partnered with Virginia Union University (VUU).  To date NSED Academy has moved more than 20 students into various industries, through (CP2).

NSED Academy implemented THE FORMULA as a life mapping and goal setting comprehensive curriculum delivered in phases, specific to educational levels. For each individual selected or enrolled in the program, a consultation will facilitate the collection of thoughts, ideas, and vision for the creation of a life map. In order to make steps toward actualization of their goals, the program will use THE FORMULA model to strategize, stabilize, enhance and maintain (S2EM) with students, ultimately formalizing a plan for SUCCESS.


NSED Academy launched No Wait Mobile IT Support (NWMITS) as workforce performance platform in January of 2018.  NWMITS hires high school and college interns to work as PC Support Technicians, Coders and Web Developers.   NWMITS targets consumers, home based buinesses and small business to provide real time IT support.  Check out NWMITS at

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