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Competition Day!

On the start of day seven, which also happened to be competition day, the students began to prepare for the day. Competition started by the students dismantling the new computers set in front of them. The computers they got for competition were completely different then the ones they dismantled and rebuilt in the beginning of camp. After dismantling the computers, the students had to then rebuild the computers they just took apart. One of the students finished dismantling and rebuilding their computer in a record breaking 21 minutes.

After completing the first part of the competition, the students were able to take break and go to lunch. Some students decided to go outside with two of the interns and play basketball again. Two students who were students in last year’s STEM Camp, are enrolled into the Application Development course during the other students’ session. The two App Development students went back to working on their activity for the day, which was dealing with Java. These two students are getting the chance to learn more about Java to be able to get to the stage of developing their own applications. By the end of the session, the Application Development students will have a greater knowledge of Java.

While the Application Development students worked on Java, the other students had a different task to work on. The students organized computer parts such as memory cards, heat sinks, and more into separate piles. After the students organized the parts, they rebuilt computers that had missing parts. Like before, the students tested the computers to make sure they worked properly after reassembling the computers. Day seven was an intense, exciting, and fun day for the students for sure.

Written and Photographed by Onnia Thomas

Majoring in Computer Information Systems, Onnia is a STEM Camp 2019 intern and rising senior at Virginia Union University.

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