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Tic Tac Toe

Day eight of the NSED Academy started as it usually does with the students getting straight to work. The students began to work on their final project, which consisted of creating tic tac toe on the Raspberry Pi’s. Working in a group of four, the students worked together to develop and test the code to ensure the game would work correctly. By using the python language, the students created the game board and a way to allow players to take turns. They also developed a way for the game to check who won the game and if there was a tie.

Instead of having just one guest speaker, there were three during the morning. The guest speakers for day eight were Jonathan Scott, Gerald Taylor, and Deron Battle. The guest speakers spoke to the students about being student athletes and working hard to accomplish their goals in life. They also talked about having a backup plan and networking just in case they do not accomplish their goals. The guest speakers were great and many of the students could relate because most of them are student athletes.

Not only were there guest speakers for the morning, there was also another guest speaker for the evening. Mr. Paul Lawrence, who is a mechanical engineer and project manager, spoke to the students about going to college as well. As the first session of the STEM Camp starts to wind down, the students are starting to become more focused on their education and plans for the future. After hearing from the guest speakers today, I have also begun to put my own plans into action and focus more on my goals as I move closer to graduation day. By also being a student athlete here at Virginia Union University, I completely understand the importance of staying focused all while being involved in other activities.

Written and Photographed by Onnia Thomas

Majoring in Computer Information Systems, Onnia is a STEM Camp 2019 intern and rising senior at Virginia Union University.

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